Are True Christians Persecuted in America?

You better believe it!

Sure, if you only equate persecution with those who are burned alive inside churches like Islamists do to Christians in Nigeria, then we are not.

If you mean persecution only applies to those who are beheaded with a dull-edge sword as Islamists do to Christians in Syria, then again, no.

If you mean it is only about crucifying people alive as Islamists do to Christians in Pakistan and elsewhere, then that doesn’t apply either.

The subtler persecution of Christians in America, which began mildly with the media mocking Jimmy Carter’s “born again” claim, has escalated rapidly in the last five years.

If Christians in a social gathering, or on the Piers Morgan show, say they believe that Jesus is the only Savior and Lord, they will incite the most venomous verbal attack. If Christians speak out against Islamism or the celebration of homosexuality, they will be attacked with labels such as “Islamophobe” or “homophobe”—words manufactured by two groups that would normally hate each other, but join forces for the purposes of eliminating the true Christian point of view.

Our nation once rejoiced to send loving Christian missionaries to alleviate suffering and bring the good news of the Gospel to a world filled with darkness and unbelief. Now, our leaders refuse to condemn the genocide taking place against Christians around the world, while condemning nations for enacting moral laws against the act of homosexuality.

A nation once admired for the peaceful missions of its Peace Corps, now exports the most violent and immoral movies—so much so that America is now synonymous with violence, pornography, and immorality in general.

America once stood up for the suffering and persecuted. Today, however, if you ask any non-Islamist Egyptian (most of the country), they will tell you that the Obama Administration would rather side with terrorists than true freedom-loving citizens.

How could this have happened to a great nation in such a short period of time?

I have communicated with thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers about this, as well as with others in face-to-face settings. It is safe to say that committed and nominal Christians alike are bewildered.

People who have not been involved in politics are becoming more politically-minded, wanting to ensure through future elections that we choose leaders who share America’s founding values.

And many who are spiritually inclined are beginning to focus their prayers on America—that God may save her from a path that leads to an inevitable abyss.

Either way, we know something is drastically wrong. And as some believe, it may take a major crisis to return us from the consequences of such political and social arrogance. In that way, we may be humbled enough to repent and return to God.

Becoming PC By: Steve Huston

What happens when “PC” stands for Persecuting Christians rather than Politically Correct? Both the President of the United States and its Secretary of State (John Kerry) have done much to promote the homosexual agenda while, by and large, ignoring the persecution of Christians.

While President Obama has been proclaimed “The First Gay President” (Newsweek May 21, 2012) for his stance and help for the LGBT community, it’s clear that he’s not quite as concerned with the persecution of Christians.  Last August in Egypt, while Christians were being murdered, nuns were paraded through the streets, and churches were burned to the ground, the White House’s official statement was merely a joke.

When asked, “What’s the President’s red line in Egypt?” the White House’s official response was, “Well, I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today.”

While our current administration has said virtually nothing about the increasing persecution of Christians in countries around the world, it’s quick to embrace the LGBT agenda and chastise other nations who take a strong stand against homosexuality.

Recently the President of Nigeria signed a law criminalizing homosexual unions and gay clubs. The News Agency of Nigeria reports that entering into such civil unions could result in up to 14 years in prison.

President Goodluck Jonathan isn’t pushing this legislation through alone; the president of Nigeria’s senate urged him to sign this into law quickly.  Listen to his words.  “The earlier we sign it into law, the better. We have many shortcomings, we don’t want to add this one (same-sex marriage) to them.”

The US State Department has been quite outspoken against this new law which bans homosexual unions in Nigeria, yet has been silent on American citizen Pastor Saeed’s unlawful imprisonment in Iran. While Muslims in Northern Africa continue to persecute Christians Mr. Kerry is silent.  He says nothing of the 2 million Christians who have been killed in Sudan nor does he speak out against the 612 Christians who were killed in Nigeria last year.

Does the right to live a homosexual lifestyle outweigh the right to life itself?  Does America now value a person’s “human rights” over their basic right to life?  As we watch our government’s priorities play out internationally, it should concern us how they will play out at home.

The Bible is very clear about God’s view of homosexuality.  It’s not the unpardonable sin; but it is sin nonetheless.  It’s a sin like any other sexual sin; it can be repented of and forgiven.  However, Romans 1 tells us, it’s a sin which is different from other sexual sins; in that, it’s a judgment from God upon a nation or society which rejects Him as Creator, follows after the lie, and turns after its own passions. It leads to acceptance of more and more sin.

As a nation, we once looked at homosexuality as unacceptable behavior; now, those who promote homosexuality look at Christians as unacceptable. Now we’re called a type of “child-abuser” for teaching our children biblical truth. America has left her moorings and has set sail on a dangerous journey which will be to our own demise unless we return to that harbor which we once held dear– freedom under God.

President Obama’s Tin Ear Toward the Persecuted Christians by Michael Youssef

When it comes to the persecution of Christians, President Obama appears to have a tin ear. The question is: why?

Why would a president who claims to be a Christian seem to deliberately help install and collaborate with an Islamist government in Egypt? Many highly-placed Egyptian leaders have revealed that his collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood began long before President Mubarak’s fall.

Why would Mr. Obama remain silent after being informed again and again of the atrocities committed against Christians in Egypt—atrocities committed by the very government he helped bring to power?

Why would Mr. Obama allow Egypt to remain as the second-highest recipient of U.S. foreign aid while the greatest terrorist build up since al Qaida in Afghanistan now takes place in the Sinai Desert?

Why would Mr. Obama offer no public criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood after their police stood watch while the Coptic Cathedral was attacked by Islamists and then tear-gassed by the police themselves?

Why would the so-called “leader” of the so-called “free world” remain silent while other world leaders speak up? Recently, Angela Merkel of Germany boldly stated that “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world” Mr. Obama, however, says nothing.

The answer to the question of “why” can only come from evaluating the man who has now been on the national scene for ten years.

First, we must look at how President Obama views himself. He has convinced many of us that he is a man who is in love with himself. Self-worshipers also love to be worshiped by others, especially by those whom they deem to be important.

Notice how he loves to speak to young people, for example. He admitted as much while in Israel recently. The young people of this generation, who feed on the language of text messaging and Twitter, tend not to be very analytical. Their limited experience, plus the “wanting everything for nothing” attitude of youth, offers a soothing response to a president who can speak their language.

Second, Mr. Obama is very selective in the use of tragedies. He capitalizes on them if they promote his worldview, and he ignores or minimizes them if they do not.

Take the Fort Hood massacre, for example. After he heard about the shooting right before giving a speech, Mr. Obama then spent the first two minutes of his speech saying nothing about the tragedy; instead he gave a “shout out” to someone in the audience and pushed for the passage of health care reform.

However, when it came to the equally tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the president decided to follow the words of his one-time chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and would not let a crisis go to waste. Mr. Obama has used that tragedy to begin dismantling the Second Amendment.

To be sure, that selective use of crisis is not unique to President Obama. Other presidents have used it before. But he has perfected it to an art form.

Which brings me to his tin ear toward the desperately suffering Christians in Egypt and elsewhere.

The Egyptian Christians and their supporters will not worship Mr. Obama, and since they aren’t compatible with his personal agenda, he cannot exploit their crisis for his gain. So helping them would not serve his purpose. It’s too bad that the persecuted Christians don’t have friends among the elite of Hollywood; then the White House would have received them with open arms.

Whether the president believes it or not, the Day of Judgment is coming when the mighty and powerful will face the Judge of all the earth. And He will not be intimidated nor persuaded by office holders or celebrities.

This Judge will not only see actions and words, but He will also read the secrets of hearts and minds. He will judge motives and intentions. His judgment will not be open to loopholes nor insanity pleas. He will not be clouded by rationalizations of political expedience, nor the excuse of “my advisors made me do it.”

I plead with Mr. Obama to examine the Scriptures and read about those who stand with the persecuted and the sufferers. I plead with Mr. Obama to convert his tin ear into an ear attuned to the sound of their plight.