The Habit of Keeping a Clear Conscience

. . . strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men —Acts 24:16

God’s commands to us are actually given to the life of His Son in us. Consequently, to our human nature in which God’s Son has been formed (see Galatians 4:19), His commands are difficult. But they become divinely easy once we obey.

Conscience is that ability within me that attaches itself to the highest standard I know, and then continually reminds me of what that standard demands that I do. It is the eye of the soul which looks out either toward God or toward what we regard as the highest standard. This explains why conscience is different in different people. If I am in the habit of continually holding God’s standard in front of me, my conscience will always direct me to God’s perfect law and indicate what I should do. The question is, will I obey? I have to make an effort to keep my conscience so sensitive that I can live without any offense toward anyone. I should be living in such perfect harmony with God’s Son that the spirit of my mind is being renewed through every circumstance of life, and that I may be able to quickly “prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” (Romans 12:2 ; also see Ephesians 4:23).

God always instructs us down to the last detail. Is my ear sensitive enough to hear even the softest whisper of the Spirit, so that I know what I should do? “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God . . .” (Ephesians 4:30). He does not speak with a voice like thunder— His voice is so gentle that it is easy for us to ignore. And the only thing that keeps our conscience sensitive to Him is the habit of being open to God on the inside. When you begin to debate, stop immediately. Don’t ask, “Why can’t I do this?” You are on the wrong track. There is no debating possible once your conscience speaks. Whatever it is— drop it, and see that you keep your inner vision clear.

Hannibal: NBC’s frightening moral disconnect

 I Timothy 4:2 talks about the searing of conscience.  While the searing of a piece of meat is a fairly quick process, the searing of a conscience takes place incrementally, one wrong choice at a time.

As a person ignores the warnings of one’s heart and mind the conscience becomes deadened to what is right and what is wrong and those warnings are no longer heard.  And so we see people who do reprehensible acts with no guilt or remorse.  We also see people who become futile in their thinking whose foolish hearts become darkened, as it says in Romans 1:21.  Their conscience is seared and they no longer recognize evil.

So it seems is the case with the plethora of entertainment writers who are singing the praises of the truly evil show on NBC, “Hannibal,”  about a cannibalistic serial killer.  The show has the most gruesome imagery ever shown on network television – depictions of horrific murders and cannibalism – scenes described as “artistic” and “beautiful” by reviewers.  Take a look at just a few recent comments below.

A Variety magazine online review states:

… there’s a slightly unsettling combination in the beauty with which he depicts murder and death against the pain and ugliness of it all. (One scene in the episodes previewed, in particular, is as cringe-inducing as anything witnessed on broadcast television in some time.)

That said, for those who have wondered how exactly one might prepare a human leg, there are some helpful hints here unlikely to be presented on, say, the Food Network.

NBC’s offered this review of Hannibal (emphasis added):

…”Hannibal” — the drama starring Mads Mikkelsen as “Silence of the Lambs'” brilliant psychiatrist/murderer, and Hugh Dancy as FBI profiler Will Graham — is stunningly beautiful. Yes, it’s strange to describe a show about serial killers as anything other than “bloody,” but each frame of the thriller is like a work of art. (Even the scenes of Dr. Lecter cooking and plating his victims resemble a high-budget gourmet cooking show.)

But there’s more to the drama than just beauty in the wicked. Mikkelsen’s Hannibal is scarily devious, and the story lines are gripping — and yes, bloody.

Reviewer Mark Rozeman, of Paste Magazine writes:

The first three or so minutes of (the second episode of “Hannibal”) represents perhaps the most grotesque, stomach-churning imagery I’ve ever seen on network TV.  …

However that isn’t a turn off for Rozeman, instead he begs viewers to tune in to watch this “stomach-churning imagery” so the show won’t be canceled.

Rozeman goes on to excitedly inform readers that Bryan Fuller, the creator/producer of NBC’s “Hannibal,” will introduce a pedophile character on “Hannibal” later this year.  About this he opines:

… Mason Verger, the wealthy pedophile character … will even be making an appearance this season (played by none other than Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Pitt). Knowing both the inherent potential of the source material as well as Fuller’s own skills as a writer, this prospect fills me with both giddiness and a palpable sense of dread. … I can’t help but feel apprehensive that Hannibal’s low ratings and edgy subject matter will get the show canned before these promising storylines can be realized.

For now, all I can do for now is beg. Seriously America, if you can stomach it, watch this d–n show.

The reviewer writing above feels dread – not over the promotion of pedophilia, no of that he feels “giddy” – rather what he dreads is that this abhorrent show will be cancelled.

Notice how these writers, along with many previous reviewers, describe the show as shockingly gruesome yet claim such horrific imagery is “artistic” and “beautiful.”

That moral disconnect is incredibly frightening.  Even though this is a fictional portrayal, when the slaughter of human beings is described in any way other than reprehensible (let alone called “beautiful”) it shows how far our cultural conscience has been seared.


And if a cannibalistic serial killer is lionized by NBC on “Hannibal,” what will the show do with the addition of a pedophile character?  Will entertainment writers also describe scenes of pedophilia as “beautiful” and artistic”?

What we watch does impact.  To those who are entertained by such grisly and repugnant imagery, there will be a deadening of conscience, a devaluation of human life – impacting not only the individual, but ultimately all of society.

Do we want a culture where such abhorrent themes are accepted as entertainment?  By remaining silent, that is what will occur.

It’s not enough to just not watch the show.  NBC isn’t keeping this show on the air because of high ratings.

A paltry 2.6 million viewers tuned in for the second episode of “Hannibal” with only a 0.8 ratings share – down 27% in viewership from the previous episode!

(In comparison for the same timeslot CBS had 11.9 million viewers and ABC had 7.6 million viewers.)

While the drop in ratings is encouraging, if advertisers continue to empower “Hannibal” NBC will continue to air it.  What matters most to NBC is money.  And what matters most to corporate America is money.

And that’s why the corporations empowering “Hannibal” need to hear that aligning with such an evil show will cost them – both in profit and reputation.

Click here to urge the sponsors“Hannibal” to pull their ads from“Hannibal.” 

Repeat advertisers include:  Kraft, Allegra, Nasacort, Verizon, Sprint, and esurance. 

Chattem Inc. has advertised its products (Allegra/Nasacort) on the last three episodes of Hannibal since the second season began 2/28/14.

Advertisers include:
Kraft (Velveeta)
Dannon yogurt
Bayer aspirin
Allegra – Chattem product
Nasacort – Chattem product
Fiat cars
Quicken Loans
Infinity cars
Chase credit card
Cabela’s sporting goods – local ad
Papa Murphy pizza – local ad

clear conscience

During a 1923 maneuvering exercise, Lieutenant Commander Donald T. Hunter, an experienced navigator and instructor at the Naval Academy, navigated the USSDelphy. The Delphy was the flagship among several naval destroyers. During the exercise, a thick cloak of fog descended on the ships. After several communication attempts, Hunter could not get an accurate read on his location.

Contrary to his calculations, the Delphy was headed for trouble. Known for his confidence, skepticism of new navigational gadgets, and “magic infallibility” in guiding his ships, Hunter ignored the RDF (radio-direction finding) bearings and kept going. Traveling at 20 knots, the USS Delphyrammed into the rocky Point Arguello shoreline. The shipwreck resulted in 23 men losing their lives and the loss of several ships.

For the apostle Paul, something more lasting and important than perishable ships was at stake—faith in Jesus. Paul encouraged Timothy to continue to fight the good fight and maintain a clear conscience (1 Timothy 1:18-19). To hold tightly to the Christian faith and to live by it would result in a clear and good conscience. Having a conscience programmed with the will of God would help Timothy be a good Christian soldier. If he or others deliberately violated their conscience, however, and ignored DDF (divine-direction finding), as some had already done, they would be spiritually and morally shipwrecked (1 Timothy 1:20).

Though our conscience is not an infallible guide, we can have it trained by the Word of God and cleansed by the death of Jesus (2 Timothy 3:16;Hebrews 9:14). We can then navigate away from the crags of immorality and heresy to the safe shores of faith.

The result of impurity to our conscience

We are living in a culture now where we are inundated by indecency, pornography and obscenity in advertisements, billboards, television, computer, emails, etc..

It can and assuredly is doing far more damage than we can even begin to fathom.

Sadly, as we opened up the flood gates so long ago by allowing increasing levels of trash over the airwaves, vast numbers of Americans now not only tolerate but have found acceptable that which is detestable in the sight of a Holy, Righteous God.

I’m not telling you anything that many of you don’t already know. However, take this as an important reminder!   You are not screwy, insane or antiquated as you oppose homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, same sex marriage, sodomy because God’s Word says that the above is detestable in His sight.

Nevertheless, in the months ahead, we may find the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage is permitted in America plummeting  our nation even further downward toward the judgment of the Creator God as a handful of unelected men and women determine that the politically correct crowd says its so.

If that occurs, their decision  won’t make it right as the natural law which they swore to uphold in the Constitution will not have  changed.  Natural law IS God’s law and God’s law does not change as God does NOT change.


Here are a couple of Biblical principles worth heeding regarding impurity to our conscience.

(1)  God’s will is that we increase the scope of our moral consciousness so that we are aware when we offend God and others.

My comment:  That’s why it is important to be people that are in God’s Word and under robust preaching of the word of God, meditating upon His word and in prayer – that we will increase the scope of our moral conscience not let it shrink with the changing thoughts of godless men and women.

(2)  But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.  Hebrews 5:14

My comment: Solid food means not being babies that can only handle milk.  Some are at such baby levels in terms of being able to discern good from evil because their “food” is feeding from a steady dose of mindless, degrading entertainment choices, ie. “All American Dad”, “Family Guy” “The New Normal” and the like.

Our moral consciousness decreased by impurity

(1)  When we allow moral impurity to exist in our lives, it soon becomes justified by our mind and conscience.  At this point, it doesn’t bother our conscience.

(2)  The tragedy to our relationships with both God and others is that in decreasing our moral consciousness in one area, we become unaware of how we are offending in many other areas—both by the things we do and especially by those things we fail to do and say.

Give thought to this over the weekend.  Your God (whether you even acknowledge Him or not) has much more in mind for all of us than parking ourselves in front of silly nothingness that feeds our FLESH while diminishing, degrading, and ultimately destroying our souls.

Stay in touch – including those who I angered by this short email.  I don’t mean to irritate but there is so much at stake in the war for our very own sanity, consciences, relationships, family and spirituality.

The following verse is one that I believe we all would do well to consider, memorize and meditate upon.

Ezekiel 22:26: Her priests have done violence to my law and have profaned my holy things. They have made no distinction between the holy and the common, neither have they taught the difference between the unclean and the clean, and they have disregarded my Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them.

“Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.”–Lamentations 5:21

Are you not often destitute of the power to repent, and confess your sins before God? Does not conscience often bring to view a melancholy retrospect of carnal thoughts, wicked desires, vain imaginations, foolish words, frivolous speeches, and all that catalogue of evils, that huge bill which godly fear sometimes files in the court within, as seen in all our departures from the life of God? But are you able to repent? are you able to feel cut to the very heart? are you able to mourn and sigh because conscience brings against you this long indictment? Can you always feel your soul melted down with sorrow on account of it? Are you always able to feel contrition because you are proud, worldly, covetous, everything that is evil, everything that is hateful in God’s sight? But, then, there are times and seasons when the Lord is pleased to work upon the conscience, to move and stir the soul, to touch the heart with his gracious finger–then repentance and godly sorrow flow forth. It is with us as with the rock that Moses struck. There was water in the rock; but it required to be struck with the rod before the waters flowed out. So we may have the grace of repentance in our souls; but it requires the divine hand to strike the rock, to cause the waters of godly sorrow to gush forth.