To My Child, An Abortion Doctor

I am frequently contacted by people who have friends and family working in the abortion industry. They are so distraught…wondering how they can reach these people that they love. What will they say? What if it doesn’t go well? What then? 

Several weeks ago, I began a conversation with a mom through Facebook. She told me that her daughter is an abortion doctor. When I saw her last name, I immediately knew who her daughter was: Cheryl Chastine. Cheryl is a beautiful, articulate young woman who unfortunately takes innocent human life in her medial practice. People first heard her name several years back when she took over the practice of infamous late term abortionist, Dr. George Tiller. 

Cheryl’s mother explained to me how heartbroken she and her husband are over their daughter’s work. Not only that, but Cheryl has cut off all contact with her parents. They decided that they wanted to write a letter to their daughter, in hopes that it would maybe open up the lines of communication. That got me thinking…

What if we started a campaign where people could write letters to their loved ones in the industry? What if abortion workers could see how their work deeply affects the people in their lives? So that’s exactly what we have done. 

Our new campaign is called “Love Letters.” 

We want to give you an opportunity to reach out to the people you love who work in this industry. You can put your name on it if you want to, or you can leave it anonymous. You can also choose to put your loved one’s name on the letter. How you write your letter is completely up to you.

You can go and write your letter by clicking on this link. 

Below is the letter that Cheryl’s mother wrote to her. Please pray for a radical conversion in the life of this abortion doctor, and for healing in their family. 

To Cheryl, my daughter

“I have so much to say to you, my precious child. I’ve loved you since before you were born. You were the culmination of my dreams and hearts desire for 8 years before your birth. We were so proud and joyous waiting for you to be born. I had such great dreams of you being a doctor to help heal people, deliver babies, and treat the many ailments of mankind.

Your dad and I sacrificed so much for you to become a doctor. We were so proud when you graduated from medical school and finished your residency in Chicago.

Then our hearts were broken and our spirits were slashed by your choice to perform abortions. We cry everyday, I don’t think we will ever feel a greater pain than on that day we learned of your decision to be an abortionist. Your dad and I are broken people because of your decision. Your desire to do exactly what you want has had deep ramifications on all of us who love you so much. You family has been so deeply hurt. It kills babies, the most vulnerable of all life, and hurts these mothers who have chosen to have the abortion…her life will be forever impacted by her decision.

You may ask how we, as parents, survive knowing the child we’ve borne is an abortionist? Every morning, with sadness and tears, I am greeted with this reality. Yet I am comforted by my Savior who suffered much for me. I am comforted by prayers of friends with whom I’ve shared my agony. Many scriptures give me strength: God is sovereign over all and that includes my woes… We walk by faith and not by sight… Sight will always defeat me but faith is strong in the Lord’s word… To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.. I’ve not put my faith in something that is not able to deliver me from my circumstance… When, I am broken, He heals me and calls me His own and I am made whole… My grace is sufficient for thee, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

Our sweet daughter, we still love you even if though there is this searing pain in our hearts. We pray constantly for your eyes to be opened so the light of truth may flood your soul. We know that God is the only One who can reach you. Please stop performing these abortions, and return to us, your mom and dad, who ache to see you and hold you close again. You don’t need to explain or apologize to us. Just stop and you will be received with open hearts and open arms waiting to hold you. We will never hold this against you.

Anyone considering being part of the abortion industry, I know you have good intentions, but good intentions can be used by Satan to do evil. The results of your deeds are death and destruction of family relationships. Many are impacted by your choice, their pain is deep.

I so wish this nightmare would end.”

Until there are none, 

Gays for Late Term Abortion? by Mike Adams

“Good Afternoon, The semester is off to a busy start, and there are many program [sic] to look forward to this Spring. I wanted to remind you of an event being co-sponsored by SGA, UNCW NARAL and the LGBTQIA Resource Office next week.”

First, note that the student government association, or SGA, is sponsoring this event. It isn’t without cost to the public. This significance of this will be apparent as we read the rest of the email sent by government employees using government resources.

“On Tuesday, January 21, to celebrate the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, there will be a showing of After Tiller at 7:00 in Lumina Theater. This showing is free and open to the public.”

Note that the event is not free to the public because the taxpayers who attend pay for it with their taxes. Note also that this is not a discussion of Roe v. Wade. It is a “celebration” of Roe v. Wade. One hundred percent of UNCW money dedicated to discussion of abortion is decidedly pro-abortion. No dissenting opinions are ever funded by UNCW. The university has a clear position on abortion. That position is decidedly pro-Roe v. Wade. That is why university officials have lied to crisis pregnancy centers to keep them off the Women’s Resource Center web page in the past – even as they promoted the services of Planned Parenthood, including, but not limited to, the termination of the lives of unborn human beings.

“About the film: After Tiller intimately explores the highly controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of practitioner Dr. George Tiller. The procedure is now performed by only four doctors in the United States, all former colleagues of Dr. Tiller, who risk their lives every day in the name of their unwavering commitment toward their patients. Directors Martha Shane and Lana Wilson have created a moving and unique look at one of the most incendiary topics of our time, and they’ve done so in an informative, thought-provoking, and compassionate way.”

It’s tough to go on for an entire paragraph with such nonstop moral confusion. In fact, just about everything in the paragraph you just read was either wrong or deeply morally misguided. First of all, third-trimester abortions really aren’t controversial. That is why, overwhelmingly, people reject them as morally unacceptable cold-blooded murder. Nor are the doctors who perform them courageous. It takes no courage to dismember a developed human fetus that is trapped in the womb and can’t fight back. Nor is it “moving” to celebrate child murder. Nor is it “compassionate.” It is simply twisted.

“Reviews: According to the Hollywood Reporter, ‘Whether one is pro-life, pro-choice or without opinion on the issue, After Tiller provides personal insight into a heart-wrenching, complex reality. The film does not pretend to be an answer to the abortion controversy but rather a presentation of the people who are demonized, correctly or incorrectly, for their actions.’”

Interesting, isn’t it? The LGBTQIA Office has included a set of reviews of the pro-abortion film. This one, by the Hollywood Reporter, actually suggests that the film is morally neutral on the issue of late term abortion. It isn’t. This false characterization requires a substantial obfuscation. This is accomplished by characterizing a very simple issue as a “complex reality.” It really isn’t. Regardless of one’s position on early term abortion, most people who are morally developed know that it is wrong to kill a developed human fetus.

“Additionally, Variety states, ‘Martha Shane and Lana Wilson manage a rare feat in After Tiller, making a calm, humanist documentary about a hot-button topic …Well contextualized and sensitively shot with extraordinary access, the pic reflects the personal, moral and ethical struggles of the doctors as well as their patients, and deserves the widest possible audience.'”

Sensitively shot to depict the ethical struggle of the doctor? Does it have a shot of the little one struggling while he (or she) is being torn limb from limb by the “struggling” abortionist? I agree it deserves a wide audience. Too bad 55 million potential viewers have been aborted and won’t be there for the showing.

“And, Movie City News says, ‘A+! A terrific documentary that handles sensitively this controversial and heated topic.'”

Actually, I don’t think the topic is heated at all. It is cold. It is heartless advocacy of cold-blooded murder. And your taxpayer dollars are going to support it. Amy Schlag, Program Coordinator of the LGBTQIA Resource Office and UNCW Instructor of Women’s Studies, left her office public phone number at the bottom of the mass email she sent promoting this event. This number is published publicly on the UNCW web page. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate for pro-lifers to use it to express their concerns. If you call, please be more compassionate than she is. Thankfully, that won’t be difficult.

And, while you’re at it, email UNCW Chancellor Gary Miller Ask him what LGBTQIA stands for. Is it “Leveraging Government Budgets To Quietly Increase Abortion?” If not, then why does the university refuse to fund the other side of the issue?

And, more importantly, ask Gary Miller if anyone employed by the LGBTQIA Resource Office is splitting time working for Planned Parenthood? I already know the answer. I bet you do, too.

…To be continued.