Countdown to Christmas

It’s countdown time for Christmas shopping.

The last frantic hours of spending will soon be over.

Gifts will be under the tree.  Delicacies stored in the kitchen, ready to treat the senses at a Christmas feast.

Just one more consideration is necessary.  The reason for all this.  JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus came to save the people of the world; to give each person an opportunity to see the world through His eyes.  No clamoring crowds.  No cacophony of cash registers secreting away your hard-earned cash.  No last-minute panic, and stress, trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one.  But a quiet night.  A lowly stable.  Shepherds.  Magi.  Joseph and Mary and their tiny babe.  Jesus.

The sky was illuminated by a bright star.  A star brighter than any seen before.  Come here, it beckoned.  Come and see this baby.  He is ‘the One’ you have long awaited.

The dark of night was broken only by the sound of adoration for this child. The promise of the peace of love became reality.  The troubled world received an unearthly gift to show them supernatural love; a love to bring them out of the troubles of the world of that time.

‘God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.’  (NKJV John 3:17)

Seems to me that the need is with us again. A need to believe in, and accept Jesus Christ.  He is the bringer of peace, love, mercy and understanding which the world needs now more than ever.

He is the one size fits all gift.  (RBC Ministries today)

The best gift of all.


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