It’s not about the flowers anymore: Rose Parade becomes prop for propaganda – See more at:

A pro-family organization is calling for a boycott of the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day.

The California parade will feature – for the first time in the parade’s history – a homosexual “wedding” performed live. (See earlier story)

With millions watching, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation float will feature the union of two homosexual men. The float is a play on the theme of this year’s parade, which is “Dreams Come True.”

“This should be protested,” says Randy Thomasson, president of “The Tournament should know that this should not be allowed in the future.”

The parade has standards and an approval process, while not allowing other objectionable entries.

“Well listen,” says Thomasson, “there are a lot of people who object to homosexual ‘marriages.'”

The float’s slogan, “Love is the Best Protection,” is designed to the float’s message which claims that same-sex “marriage” helps reduce HIV infections among homosexual men.

The gay couple won the chance to “marry at the event when they attended a same-sex wedding expo and applied for the opportunity.

“This is wrong and backwards for the Rose Parade Committee to allow,” argues Thomasson. “The Rose Parade was begun originally to celebrate God‘s creation of flowers, for families to come and see the beauty.”

The parade is a New Year’s Day tradition for millions and takes place every year in Pasadena, California.

– See more at:

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